Special Note

In an effort to follow Governor Inslee’s COVID-19 mandate on social distancing and gatherings, we have again devised a new process for distributing food.

We will be open for food distribution on  March 1, and March 15 from approximately 12:15 PM to 2:45 PM on each day. Here are some new rules:

 – We will allow only one recipient family member to receive food.
 – Only 10 recipients will be allowed inside at a time.
 – We need everyone to wear masks or face coverings and gloves.

We want everyone to be safe and follow all safety instructions. If you have an urgent need for food between regular distribution days, please call and we will try to accommodate your need.

Welcome to the Hood Canal Food Bank website. Our desire is to help families in our service area enjoy a more balanced, nutritious diet of adequate portions. We hope to positively impact the ability of our clients to lead healthy and quality lives.

If you are an existing or potential recipient, donor, or volunteer, please use these pages to get to know us and see how you can be involved! We’re glad you stopped by.